Give your hard-working employees a break by planning a fun teambuilding event with The Mud Room! We provide a stress free environment that allows your team’s creativity to thrive. Our projects are designed to boost collaboration and encourage direct communication. Bring your team to our studio, or we can bring all the supplies to your business. We offer a 15% off discount to groups of 15 or more, and as a bonus, we will let the organizer of the event paint their project for free!


Minimum of 6 people per group
Prices range from $5 to $65
Choose from a pottery, canvas, or mosaic project
Reservations are for 2 hours - but not all projects will take the full amount of time
No experience is needed - a staff member will be there to help guide your tea

Project Packages

12oz Mugs ($10/person)
pass around coffee mugs and paint them as a team
Starts with each person getting a mug and painting a background color on it. Next, everyone will write their name and a list of things they like on the bottom (the number of items on the list will equal the number of employees). Next, everyone will pass their mug to the person on their right. At this point, everyone looks over the list on the mug and crosses out one item that they will paint on the mug. After a certain amount of time (between 3 and 20 minutes depending on the number of employees) the employees will stop painting and pass the mug to the right again. This process continues until the mugs get back to their owners!

11x14 Canvases ($20/person)
take turns being the instructor of a canvas class
Starts with the group deciding as a team which picture they want to recreate. Next, the paint, brushes, aprons, and all other supplies are gathered. At this point, our experienced painter will begin the instruction, and the team will start to painting process. As a fun twist, the instructor will periodically switch places with a team member, and puts them in charge of communicating the instruction to their coworkers. This continues until the masterpieces are complete!

Choose Your Own Piece (price varies by piece)
relax and have a good time with your co-workers while painting your own creation
Set a price limit and have the team pick out their own pieces. If they wish to choose an item that is over the price limit, inform them that they will be responsible for paying the overage. Alternatively, the pieces the group will paint can be chosen prior to the event. If you come in a month before the reserved date, we can order pieces specifically for your event.

Food and Drink Policy

Feel free to bring in any outside food to enjoy before or after you paint. We ask that you don’t eat while you paint, but feel free to have a drink. The residue from the food transfers on to the pottery, and makes the paint not adhere properly. There are two large tables at the back of the studio where you can eat and put all your belongings.